Car Connector for Ipod

Car Connector for Ipod
Car Connector for Ipod

红包扫雷苹果下载地址prepare you be after to know how to connected your ipod to your car?

Connecting your iPod to your car is only for instance effortless as between it to your central processing unit. in excess of 90 percent of novel cars sold dressed in the United States undergo an option in support of iPod connectivity. And many iPod-organized audio systems use up a 30-pin connector cable related to the single to connects an iPod to your mainframe.
On one occasion connected, your iPod is quickly standard by your car audio arrangement and added to the same degree an audio source.
Audio systems at home many newer vehicles have taken a cue from iPod and cause somebody to it straightforward to discovery the reasonably song or else audiobook. Browse through on-screen menus to understand playlists, artists, albums, even genres and composers.
As an alternative, you can pay money for an adapter to join your ipod to your car. The Neo iON is a Nano iPod, Apple iPod, and Apple iPhone car adapter to provides a blunt fix to largely factory and aftermarket car stereos. while the adaptor is connected your car stereo buttons desire control the iPod, the iPod battery will charge, and the sound will cooperate from your car stereo speakers. This is the superlative iPod car adapter kit availableon the promote. The Neo ProLink is impressive on behalf of iPhones.

Mercedes Benz W211 Dual Battery System Diagram

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the function of mercedes benz w211 battery control module are:

  1. Monitors the voltages of (G1) and (G1/7)
  2. Monitors alternator voltage (terminal 61) via CAN B
  3. Controls auxiliary battery relay (K57/2)
  4. Controls consumer prioritization function
  5. Optimizes charging of auxiliary battery (G1/7)
  6. Notes emergency operation and sets fault codes (CAN communication / DTC’s)
  7. Notes emergency operation resulting in IC / MF fault message displays

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the following schematic shows the mercedes benz w211 dual battery system diagram.

Mercedes Benz W211 Dual Battery System

F30 Polyswitch fuse
F32 Front pre-fuse box
F33 Rear pre-fuse box
G1 Battery
G1/7 Auxiliary battery
G2 Alternator
K57/2 Auxiliary battery relay
M1 Starter
红包扫雷苹果下载地址 N82 Battery Control Module

Mazda RX-8 Electric Power Steering EPS System Wiring Diagram

红包扫雷苹果下载地址an electric power steering (eps) system provide the convenience of steering assist without the cost in engine size and fuel consumption. mazda rx-8 is equipped with the electric power steering system which consists of steering wheel and column, steering shaft, steering gear and linkage, eps control module.

mazda rx-8 electric power steering troubleshooting hints:

  • EPS system malfunction, this malfunction can be caused by wiring harness malfunction; connector condition malfunction; torque sensor malfunction; EPS motor malfunction; fuse malfunction; EPS control module malfunction.
  • EPS control module detects an EPS system malfunction even though the EPS system is normal.
  • CAN communication line malfunction, this include:vehicle speed signal malfunction; engine speed signal malfunction; CAN wiring harness malfunction.
  • EPS warning light circuit malfunction in the instrument cluster
  • CAN wiring harness malfunction. Malfunction in wiring harness between EPS control module and instrument cluster.

the following schematic illustrates the mazda rx-8 electric power steering (eps) system wiring diagram.

Mazda RX 8 Electric Power Steering EPS System Wiring


Simple Car Circuit Breaker Schematic Diagram

Circuit breaker is an electronic devices which function is to protect an electrical circuit from hazard/damage due to overload or short circuit. This car circuit breaker circuit presented here will automatically cut off the power, thus avoiding any possible electrical hazards.

The following schematic depicts a very simple Car Circuit Breaker Diagram. The circuit design consists of battery, transistor, resistors, diode and capacitor.

Simple Car Circuit Breaker Schematic


Fiat Lancia Delta HF Electronic Speedometer Wiring Diagram

the fiat lancia delta hf speedometer drive motor is of the synchronous, direct current type and is controlled by an electronic control unit, located in the instrument panel, based on the frequency of the signals emitted by the impulse generator, so that the exact speed corresponds to that of the vehicle. the electronic control unit is supplied by terminal +15 of the ignition switch via blades 7 and 10, respectively for connectors a and i of the junction unit and blade 5 for connector c of the instrument panel.

the speedometer electrics motor carries out the following functions:

  • It rotates a magnet which is fitted on its rotor which in turn, by means of the magnetic field linked to it, drives the needle of the conventional type speedometer indicator;
  • It controls the total mileage recorder.

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the following schematic illustrates the 1991 fiat lancia delta hf electronic speedometer wiring diagram.

Fiat Lancia Delta HF Electronic Speedometer Wiring

1. Instrument panel
2. Electric motor which determines the rotation of the speed indicator magnet
3. Junction unit
4. Ignition switch
5. Impulse generator bolted onto differential casing
6. Connector
7. Right front earth cable loom
8. Battery
9. Speedometer
10. Speedometer motor electronic control unit
A, B, C, D, E, F – Instrument panel connectors
红包扫雷苹果下载地址H, I – Junction unit connectors

Cable/Wiring Color Code
A – Light Blue
G – Yellow
N – Black
R – Red
V – Green

Kawasaki NINJA 650R ABS Total System Diagram

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the kawasaki ninja 650r abs controls the brake caliper fluid pressure by means of mechatronics – a combination of electronic and hydraulic control technology in order to keep the friction force between the tires and the roads surfaces close to the maximum value and prevent wheel lock. but it does not operate during cruising.

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the wheel rotation sensors output the rotation speed of each wheel to the ecu in the abs hydraulic unit. the wheel rotation sensor is installed to the front fork and rear caliper bracket, and the sensor rotor is pressed into the brake disc. the number of teeth on the front and rear sensor rotor is 50.

the following schematic illustrates the 2005 kawasaki ninja 650r abs total system diagram.

Kawasaki NINJA 650R ABS Total System

1. ECU
2. ABS Indicator Light (LED)
3. Pump Motor
4. Pump
5. Front Reservoir
6. Front Inlet Solenoid Valve
7. Front Outlet Solenoid Valve
8. Rear Inlet Solenoid Valve
9. Rear Outlet Solenoid Valve
10. Brake Lever
11. Brake Pedal
12. ABS Hydraulic Unit
13. Front Brake Caliper
14. Front Wheel Rotation Sensor
15. Front Wheel Rotation Sensor Rotor
16. Rear Brake Caliper
17. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor
18. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor Rotor
19. ABS Kawasaki Self-diagnosis System Connector
20. ABS Solenoid Valve Relay
21. ABS Motor Relay
红包扫雷苹果下载地址22. Rear Reservoir

Mazda 929 Engine Electrical Circuit and Charging System Checking Procedures

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the 1975 mazda 929 is equipped with a 12 volt battery consisting of six cells which capacity is 50 ampere hours of 20 hours rating. the 1975 mazda 929 engine electrical system consists of charging system, starting and ignition system. if the electrical system is not charging properly, it is advisable to determine whether the trouble is in the alternator or regulator prior to removing the alternator.

Mazda 929 Engine Electrical Wiring Circuit

charging system checking procedures:

  1. Disconnect the wire from "B" terminal of the alternator and connect the ammeter with the negative lead of the ammeter to the wire and the positive lead to the "B" terminal. (see below diagram for detail)
  2. Disconnect the coupler from the regulator. Connect the disconnected couplers with the suitable wires.
  3. Start the engine and take reading of the ammeter, holding the engine speed to 2,000 rpm.
  4. Disconnect the wire from the "F" terminal and short circuit the wire to the "A" terminal for a moment.
  5. If the meter reading increase remarkably, the trouble is in the regulator and if there is no change in current, it is in the alternator.

Mazda 929 Charging System Checking

GM Twilight Sentinel Circuit and Wiring Diagram

gm luxury vehicles use a system called twilight sentinel. the twilight delay switch in  the headlamp switch assembly is supplied a 5 volt reference from the instrument panel integration module (ipm) as shown in below schematic.

GM Twilight Sentinel Circuit Wiring

GM Twilight Sentinel Circuit and Wiring Diagram

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the ipm also provides ground to the twilight delay switch. the switch is a potentiometer in which the resistance varies as the switch is moved. the ipm receives an input voltage proportional to the resistance of the potentiometer through the twilight delay signal circuit. the ipm sends a class 2 message to the dash integration module (dim) indicating the on/off status and delay length for the twilight sentinel.

With the twilight sentinel switch in any position other than OFF, the DIM will turn the headlamps on or off according to the daytime/nighttime status sent by the IPM. The
红包扫雷苹果下载地址DIM uses the twilight delay signal in order to keep the headlamps and park lamps on after the ignition switch transitions from ON to OFF during nighttime conditions.

Dodge Intrepid Starting System Wiring and Circuit Diagram

the dodge intrepid (1993) starting system has the following parts and components: ignition switch; starter relay; neutral starting and back-up switch with automatic transmissions only; wiring harness; battery; and starter motor with an integral solenoid. these components form two separate circuits. a high amperage circuit that feeds the starter motor up to 300+ amps, and a control circuit that operates on less than 20 amps.

Dodge Intrepid Starting System Wiring

Dodge Intrepid Starting System Wiring and Circuit Diagram

红包扫雷苹果下载地址the battery, starting, and charging systems operate in conjunction with one another, and must be thoroughly tested as a complete system. the battery stores, stabilizes, and produces electrical current to operate various electrical systems in the vehicle.

Charging System Voltage Loss Test Circuit Diagram

红包扫雷苹果下载地址charging system voltage loss test procedures:

  1. Adjust load to rated alternator output. Record VB (Battery Voltage) reading.
  2. Adjust load to rated alternator output. Record VA (Alternator Voltage) reading.
  3. Subtract VA (Alternator Voltage) from VB (Battery Voltage).

红包扫雷苹果下载地址loss not to exceed 0.5v. proceed to positive and negative cable loss tests if loss exceeds specs.

Charging System Voltage Loss Test Circuit

Charging System Voltage Loss Test Circuit Diagram