IC LA78040 schematic for vertical deflection

红包扫雷苹果下载地址 Synchronization circuit to make the signals useful in the process of scanning of the transmitter and sent to the Vertical and Horizontal. To be able to produce images on the picture tube phosphor surface is the same as what was sent, then the necessary adjustments to correct with ualsan which has decomposed on the sender and receiver on the review must be made ​​again, and this is called synchronization.

IC LA78040 schematic for vertical deflection
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On TV transmitter switching pulses that have made ​​the same frequency as in the reviewing, and by using the switching pulse is then mulapenguilasan point getter on the tube and picture tube can be adjusted simultaneously. 
红包扫雷苹果下载地址 At the transmitter, each end of the line reviews one pulse is emitted horizontally, and also at each end of the line vertical review (this is called a field review), another pulse is emitted. At the receiver using switching pulses had the time of the beginning (start) review can be arranged horizontally and vertically. Switching pulses are called the horizontal synchronizing signal and vertical synchronization.

Vertical Synchronization
A. Vertical in the tv series has the following functions
a) bend / open beams of light (information) to the vertical direction.
b) Synchronize files from a transmitter in the form of images with short time.

The damage Horizontal LG TV

Often find LG TV is switched off completely. After checking it Hor short TR / koslet so that all the inverter output voltage drop. Start with the appointment of TR page and check the voltage and turns back to normal. Do not always replace with a new TR because TR surely you will lose because they will surely be broken again, if immediate profits and normal life. After checking on the block capacitor Horizontal out that there was a rather plump and lifted it after it is dry there is no value of the capacitance.
Capacitor is located on the collector TR Hor bypassed to ground which is parallel with the diode. For the slim LG 21 “inch typically use 2kV 183j (18n 2kV) for the black pearl 29” using 103j2kv (10N 2kV). After replacement of capacitor TSB and TR Hor who just started a TV and Direct TV was OK. ’ve Also found a balck pearl TV LG 29 “wide image conditions and so OSD is only half visible. As usual checks are still in the horizontal section. Initially thought to drive the FET TR Hor damaged and wide after being picked and measured FET turns out they will be still good. And start There seem damaged parts elco 250v1uf which already began to get puffy and after replacement image remains the same.
And start looking again what’s so broken, and who seemed to actually see the disease as I get 600V 154J capacitor looks a little plump. C they will begin to lift and measure it with tester tester x100K and was not moving at all a sign of C is dry. They will begin to replace the capacitor, because it does not have the same C 204J 250V only that there had to be replaced eventually with this one. Begin with a TV and the picture was no longer visible widening is normally only about the width of the CM because it is not the same capacitor.
Then enter the service menu by pressing MENU on the panel and press 2 times hold MENU on the remote and add value HOR WIDE to fit the image width and by pressing OK on the remote to save the settings and press AV to exit.

SAMSUNG protect circuit with LA76931

Following is the protect circuit Samsung TV which use IC LA76931 as basic working the protect circuit. This Protect Circuit LA76891 located at pin-30 whichconnected to the collector of transistor Q902.In normal conditions the voltage at the base of Q902 is “low” and the voltage at pin-30 is “high”. For the temporary crippling protect, it can be removed Q902 (or to the emitter-base short).

SAMSUNG protect circuit with LA76931
SAMSUNG protect circuit with LA76931

红包扫雷苹果下载地址sampling circuit protect from:

Vertical Protect. Pulses of the vertical-out rectified by diode D355, so that the base voltage is approximately 0.6V Q904 ,and collector voltage is 0v.
X-ray Protect (option). Sampled using a heater voltage of the circuit as shown below. Normal vltage in x-ray path to the base of Q902 is zero.
Samsung TV Protect Circuit

abl protect. if there is damage to flyback voltage which can cause a high rise abl, then protect circuit will actively work.

STV9380 and STV9381 Vertical efficient

STV9380 and STV9381 is a vertical ic-out which very efficient, so it does not require cooling (heat sink) as the vertical ic is generally. This circuit works the same way as most other vertical ic, except at the amplifier end only. Amplifier section works at the end of class D (this is different to the generally vertical ic which working on a class AB). 

STV9380 and STV9381
STV9380 and STV9381
Vertical signal input by the “MODULATOR” changed its form to first become a form of “pulses” box before it is reinforced by the end of the transistor. Here transistor “amplifier end” work as like “switching transistor”. Output result is a strengthening of which pulses of the box is then returned into regular shapes such as vertical signal using an LC fillter (capacitor and filter coil) . Requires IC supply voltage (+) 16V and (-) 16V STV9380 is able to produce pulses of the vertical 2.5 APP (Ampere pitch to peak) and STV9381 3 APP.
STV9380 and STV9381 Vertical efficient
STV9380 and STV9381 Vertical efficient

TV Protect Circuit Dead or Damaged ?

Television set equipped with a circuit protector, then there are several possibilities that could occur if there is a problem on one of the circuits. Protect circuit horizontal part – When turned on the horizontal plane will live for a while, but then died again. At the time of death when measured on the horizontal driver indicates that no drive signal. If the power jack unplugged then try to turn on again then repeated a similar incident will happen again. But if if the base of the transistor or transistor try to open removable drive signal was viable.

Protect circuit of microcontroll – If checked the voltage at pin microcontrol power on-off control, power control is turned on when the plane going “on” for a while then back “off”. If you unplugged the power jack will power “on” again, but briefly and then keep coming back “off”. On certain models sometimes die when the aircraft was marked with the blazing LED indicators blink. Protect circuit tube – aircraft can be turned on but a dark raster. 
IC protect
Protect IC

Tested voltage raster screen can be raised to normal flame or flame a horizontal line. Protect circuit the power supply – if enabled aircraft B + voltage of power supply there for a while but then lost or drops. Or the power supply voltage drops and there is but little rocking voltage, which is caused due to power supply to the death over and over again and again. There are models of televisions that do not use the protector system at all, there is only one system that uses a surge protector, but there are also some systems which use a surge protector as well. System protectors are made available for specific purposes. Keep track of the damage that led to protect circuit is sometimes difficult, because it always turns itself off the plane before we can make measurements. By getting to know a wide range of system protectors and understand how it works it will help overcome these difficulties.
Various kinds of protectors television system:
  • Protectors x-ray
  • Vertical Protectors
  • Protectors B + over current (OCP)
  • Protectors B + over voltage (OVP)
  • ABL Protectors
  • Supply voltage surge protector (if short or broken)
  • Protectors white balance
  • Protectors circuit power supply (SMPS)

X-Ray Protector Circuits

A protector system that is applied at the beginning of the television technique, therefore most often found on old aircraft models. If the high voltage anode of the picture tube flyback tranfo exceed the permitted limit, the picture tube can generate x-rays from the anode and shadowmask are bombarded by electrons at high speed. To avoid this problem then mounted x-ray surge protector circuit , which automatically “horizontal section will be turned off” if the high voltage from the flyback over.

X Ray vertical protect
X-Ray vertical protect

红包扫雷苹果下载地址 the workings of x-ray protector:

  • High voltage flyback sampled (generally taken from the pin-heater), rectified and is derived using a divider (devider) that uses a resistor-type high-precision resistor. Sample voltage is used to determine whether the condition is normal flyback voltage or over.
  • A “zener diode” as a voltage sensor connected to the sample. In normal conditions the amount of the sample voltage is below the zener voltage of diode so that the condition “off” or is not transparent.
  • Suppose there is a sudden event increased flyback voltage – the voltage will rise above the sample diode voltage value, which causes the diode “on” or voltage through the diode, which would trigger protectionist active work.

Problems that can lead to x-ray active protector works:

  • Damage that causes the power supply voltage B + or incorrect adjustment over
  • Resonant capacitor to the collector of transistor HOT off the decline or solder
  • Tranfo replacement flyback mounted do not match.
  • Damage to one part in the sensor circuit protectors x-ray alone
X ray Protect Circuit
X-ray Protect Circuit

Understanding the workings of Vertical Deflection

Vertical deflection parts, serves to provide a sawtooth current to the vertical deflection coil so that horizontal lines are generated by applying localized horizontal deflection from the top of the screen and moves towards the bottom of the screen. Sweeping PAL system has a vertical frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz NTSC system. Vertical deflection circuit there are several variation, is in contrast to the horizontal deflection circuit on television almost all the same.
Broadly , the vertical deflection section comprises:
Yoke Deflection
Yoke Deflection
  • Vertical oscillator (vertical countdown)
  • Ramp generator
  • Vertical amplifier drive
  • Vertical amplifier-out
  • Pum-up (flyback generator)
  • Feedback circuit
  • Vertical deflection coil

Countdown vertical as the vertical oscillator. Vertical count-down got input from the horizontal frequency count-down and divide in order to obtain the vertical frequency.
In this section there is a circuit called a “vertical window-counter” which serves to automatically adjust the vertical size of the frequency. Without any input video signal, vertical oscillator oscillates at a frequency of approximately 45 to 55Hz free. If then the aircraft received the system PAL video signals, vertical-counter window will lock the vertical oscillator at a frequency of 50Hz. And if a video signal NTSC system will automatically lock the vertical frequency to 60Hz
If for any damage, so the frequency can not be locked, it will cause:
  • Picture rolling up if the frequency is lower
  • Rolling down the picture if the frequency is higher.

Ramp-generator – vertical pulses from the oscillator is a square, ramp-function generator to change the shape of the signal box into a sawtooth shape. Sawtooth signal shape is determined by the value of resistor-capacitor filter contained in this section.

Vertical count-down circuit红包扫雷苹果下载地址 and the ramp-generator circuit is in common IC. But there are certain circuits where the ramp generator IC is in the vertical-out, ie aircraft using the TA8690 and TA8445.

Vertical amplifier Drive – serves to amplify the signal before it is fed into the vertical vertical-output amplifier. Circuits generally be one with a vertical power amplifier out.

Vertical power-amplifier Out红包扫雷苹果下载地址 – vertical sawtooth signal is amplified by this section to be able to supply power to the coil current sawtooth vertical deflection. The working principle of the vertical amplifier-out does not vary much with the audio power-amplifier

Pump Up (flyback generator) – applying localized electron beam vertically from the top to the bottom of the screen. To conduct further re-sweeping the electron beam must be returned with a quick way into the top layer. To do this required a strong pulse but only a moment the so-called vertical-retrace pulse, which pulse is required to establish a higher voltage supply on the vertical-out amplifier.

while doing the sweeping-vertical from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen vertically-out circuit generally requires a voltage supply of about 25v. and at the vertical-retrace or back from the bottom to the top of the screen quickly takes a larger supply voltage of about 50v. vertical pump-up circuit is in the vertical ic-out and serves to generate a high voltage at the moment-vertical retrace and require external components consisting of a diode and an elko.

Vertical-drive circuit, pump-up and reinforcing vertical-out is generally a single IC package in the vertical-out.

There are several types of vertical IC-outs that do not use a pump-up circuit. Instead of the vertical-out requires two kinds of supply Vcc, the supply of low voltage and high voltage supply.

Vertical IC Configuration

Various kinds of vertical out IC configuration.
Ac coupling -connect from the yoke deflection output to a coil connected directly.
Dc coupling – connected the output to the coil through a capacitor deflectioan yoke. Electrolityc Capacitors (usually worth 1000u/35v). This configuration requires two kinds of voltage (the voltage mirror plus-minus).
Dc input coupling using diffferential – uses 2 input from the driver IC.
Vertical IC Configuration AC Coupling
Vertical IC Configuration AC Coupling

Vertical IC Configuration DC Coupling
Vertical IC Configuration DC Coupling


Vertical Vin = input (non-inverted), Vout = Vertical output, VfB = Vertical feedback (inverted inpput)
Vcc to pump-up can be traced through the diode PUM-up and pump up Elco Capacitor
VfB = or to Vin2
= Gnd or Vcc (-)

Vertical IC PIN OUT DATAjpg

AN5521 Vin = 4, Vout = 2, Vcc = 7, Gnd = 1, VfB =
AN5522 Vin = 7, Vout = 5, Vcc = 2, Gnd = 4, VfB = 1
AN5539 Vin = 4, Vout = 2, Vcc = 6, Gnd = 1, VfB = 5
AN15525 Vin = 7, Vout = 5, Vcc = 2, Gnd = 4, VfB = 1

LA7832 Vin = 4, Vout +2, Vcc = 6, Gnd = 1, VfB = 5
LA7835 = 2 Vin, Vout = 11, Vcc1 = 1, Vcc2 = 7,
LA7837 = 2 Vin, Vout = 12, Vcc1 = 1, Vcc2 = 8, Gnd = 11, VfB = 7
LA7838 = LA7837
LA7840 Vin = 4, Vout = 2, Vcc = 6, Gnd = 1, VfB = 5
LA7841 = LA7840
LA7845 = LA7840
LA7846 = 5 Vin, Vout = 3, Vcc = 7, Gnd = 2, VfB = 6
LA7848 Vina = 5, VinB = 6, Vout = 3, Vcc (+) = 7, Vcc (-) = 2
LA7876 Vina = 5, VinB = 6 Vcc (+) = 7, Vcc (-) = 2

STV9302 = see AN5522
STV9379 = See AN5522

TA8403 Vin = 4, Vout = 2, Vcc = 6, Vcc = 6,
红包扫雷苹果下载地址 TA8445 Vin = 2, Vout = 11, Vcc1 = 1 (9v), Vcc2 = 7 (26v), Gnd = 10, 50/60 =

TDA1771 Vin = 3, Vout = 1, Vcc = 9. Gnd = 5
TDA4865 Vin = 6, Vout = 5, Vcc = 1, Gnd = 4, VfB = 2
TDA8175 Vin = 7, Vout = 5, Vcc = 2, VfB = 1
TDA3653 Vin1 = 1, Vin2 = 3, Vcc1 = 9, Vcc2 = 6, Vou = 5, Gnd = 4
TDA8350 Vina = 1, VinB = 2, VoutA = 10, VoutB =, Vcc1 = 3, Vcc2 = 9, Ewin = 12, Ewout = 11
See tda8357 TDA8351 =
See TDA8357 TDA8356 =
TDA8357 Vina = 1, VinB = 2, VoutA = 7, VoutB = 4, Vcc1 = 3 (12v), Vcc2 = 6 (45V), Gnd = 5
TDA8358 Vina = 1, VinB = 2, Vcc1 = 3 (12v), Vcc2 = 9 (25V), VoutA = 4, VoutB = 10, Gnd = 6.7, Ewin = 5, Ewout = 8
TDA9302 = see LA78040

Different types of TV TUNER

TV tuner that is used on older models and new models of television there are some differences. Therefore, understanding the different types of tuner would be useful if we want to replace the tuner with the other models.

Supply voltage tuner.
Tuner older models generally use a supply voltage of 12v, the new models are commonly used 5V supply voltage. Some use a 9V voltage, but very rare.
TV TUner
Voltage Synthesizer tuner (VS tuner)
Tuner that uses a tuning control (VT or BT) with a voltage between 0 to 33V Voltage Synthesizer tuner named. TV can be found on the aircraft models, old and new
Based on how the control band-switch, Tuner VS then there are 2 kinds, namely
Using 3-Band input sw, the VL-VH-U
Using 2-Band input sw, the Band SW1 and SW2 Band. This tuner is actually similar to the type of band 3-sw. For control-sw 2 band is in the tuner will still be converted into 3-sw bands.
Frequency Synthesizer tuner (FS tuner) or the type of PLL
Tuner wherein the tuning voltage and the voltage controlled band switching the digital communication through SDA and SCL. This tuner has a supply voltage Vcc, which is
5V is used for the digital tuner circuit control and
33V (fixed voltage or fixed) is used to control the voltage supplied to the tuning in the digital circuits within the tuner.
(Tuner old) sometimes there are additional circuit voltage of 12V to the tuner.
Frequency band.
Based on the wide range of revenue-frequency band, there are three kinds of tuner
Normal tuner
Superband tuner
Tuner hyperband

Normal tuner, the tuner that can receive broadcasts “on-air” (terrestrial) TV in the frequency band:
  • Frequency of VHF Band I – VL 41-68 Mhz
  • Band III – VH 174-230 Mhz
  • Frequency UHF Band IV – U 470-581 Mhz
  • Band V – U 582-960 Mhz
  • Band II 87.5 – 104 MHz is used for FM radio broadcasting
  • VL and VH bands used for broadcast channels 2 through 12
  • U bands used for broadcast channels 21 to 69
Superband Tuner and Hyperband, the tuner can receive broadcast as normal tuner plus the ability to receive broadcasts “off air” CATV (cable television).
  • S band using frequency band between VL and VH
  • H-band using a frequency band between VH and U
  • Superband Tuner can receive the broadcast band S
  • Hyperband tuner can receive broadcast band and S band H
Based on the IF frequency out
IF frequency tuner out there who have 38/38.9/45.75 Mhz frequency. In Indonesia generally use 38.9Mhz frequency, but sometimes there is a use 38.0Mhz
Based on the pin-out
There are several kinds of tuner long pin-out configuration. But now almost all the tuner is already using an international standard 11-pin
Universal tuner
China is now producing “universal tuner” 11-pin. Indonesia was just the market we do not know whether it exists or not. This tuner can be used to substitute for the various types of tuners and tuner can adjust to this direct voltage of 5, 9, or 12v.
RF antenna input connector
Form the antenna input connector there are two kinds, namely:
  • RCA type connectors
  • Antenna RF connector
Tuner modules
Tuner is a tuner module inside there are all Video IF amplifier circuit and the FM-detector. This kind of tuner is using VS and some are using the FS.
Tuner module has output like:
  • RF AGC-out
  • RF AFC-out
  • Audio-out
  • Video-out
  • Base band out, the signal to be processed into stereo sound circuit.
Except that in tuner is also sometimes diperlengkapa with audio-switch to TV / AV-in. Therefore, to the sound of the AV-in connected via Audio-in found on the tuner module. Sometimes the sound volume to be controlled in the tuner module.
  • SONY tuner module 1
  • SONY tuner module 2
  • Toshiba tuner module
Impedance input / output
Impedance tuner has all kinds of input / output 75 ohm.
How to distinguish 2-band tuners VS sw with PLL tuner FS
In all these circumstances and the removable pin 11 feet was not cut, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between two band-tuner tuner sw with FS.
Some models have a tuner pin legs partially emptied. FS Tuner has a location pin 30V voltage 3 numbers from the back (of the IF pin out).